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Why Us

We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

If you’ve tried the “traditional” way of finding the perfect/optimum venue for your wedding you know how time consuming it is to browse online catalogues of hundreds of locations. Some might look great, but when you contact them you risk finding out it’s already booked for your dates or the price is way above your budget. You need to send emails, make phone calls, follow-up. Use our service and forget about all that. Aaand, it’s FREE!

Fast and Legal-proof Booking

You may know from friends who are already married that you need to pay extra attention to the contract you sign with a venue and make sure you really understand all the terms and the fine print. We have you covered when it comes to legal matters - our standard contract is rock-solid, it’s been checked by our lawyers and pre-approved by the venues.

500 Pounds Honeymoon Gift

Our service is not only fast and free of charge.
Book with us and we’ll also offer you 500 pounds to use for your Honeymoon.
We don’t pay cash directly, but we will contribute to your travel expenses (hotels, airlines).


With the booking process was a breeze! We got 14 offers and talked to 3 or 4 of venues in order to better understand what additional services they offered then found the perfect one for us. What I really liked is finding if a venue is really available - that saved us a lot of time. Thanks a lot, guys!

Jessica K.Kensington, London

The most awesome thing is that we actually got money from! That was totally unexpected and we used it for booking our honeymoon for October 2016. Awesome service indeed, I totally recommend it!!

GabriellaOptician, Easy Putney

I was a little skeptical at the beginning. Why would I complete the form!?.. I'm spending hours talking to different venues. My best friend suggested to give it a try. And it was worthy. It saved me time

ChloeDentist, Chelsea

I got 9 offers from restaurants in my borough. I was interested only in 4, and finally signed.

ElizabethLawyer, Shoreditch

It was fast and effective, that’s what we appreciated the most. We’ll pass on the news about you.

JamesWatford, UK

We searched for venues on a lot of websites and indeed, it took a lot of time to get responses and find out if they were available for our dates. This definitely seems a better way of finding the right venue.

Mark and AnnaBirmingham, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get the offers?

We promise to get back to you in less than 72 hours with 7 offers from venues that match your criteria.

Is the service really free?

Yes, you won’t have to pay us a dime. Our service is completely free for you, we only charge a commission from the wedding venues.

Do I have to accept one of the 7 offers you provide?

We’d be happy if this happens - it means we did a great job. But no, you are not obliged to accept an offer from us, our service comes with no strings attached. Go back to form >.

None of the offers you sent are really working for me.
Can I get new ones?

Yes, we’d be happy to offer you another 7 offers in 72 hours. You can use the service 2 times without any costs, meaning you can get offers with prices and availability for 14 venues. If you want to do more searching we’ll charge you 7 pounds for any other query you do.

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